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Shoot 'em up

"The apocalypse is upon us once more. The task to save the world is up to you. Go up against the slithering embodiment of the Four Horsemen, blasting and slicing your way through waves of their bio-mechanical plagues"

About the project

This was our third project and first time using TGA2D engine in which we coded in C++. To complete the game you have to survive all waves of bio-mechanical insects to obliterate the final boss.


Production time:

  • 8 weeks 50%


  • TGA2D Engine

- Level importer, we used Tiled to setup paths that enemies follows, what type of enemy and if they were going to stay still at specifc positions or just follow the path.​

- Data driven enemy weapons of diffrent kinds.

- Parallax background

- Player special ability that damaged all enemies on screen

- Enemy & bullet collision

- Particle system

- Animation system


We used Tiled to load our levels. We created paths that enemies followed and choose what shoot pattern they should have.

Some of the enemies

Shoot in a straight line forward.

Shoots like a shoot gun.

Big burst of bullets.

Parallax Background

Pictures moving with diffrent speed and direction to give depth.

Player Special Ability

Particles emitting from the player in a circle damaging everything within its radius.


My Contribution

Apocalyptic Studios



  • Jesper Jöneros

  • William Agerlid

  • Pontus Bengtsson

  • Jakob Nilsson

  • Viktor Eriksson Heige

Level Design

  • Alexander Sjöberg

  • Jonathan Engdahl

Graphical Artists

  • Josefine Rosenlind

  • Kiril Nikolov

  • Teddi Andersson

  • Thorbjörn Jensen


  • Kristian Lindberg


  • Tobias Hart

  • Sandra Andén

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