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Verte Brave
Adventure game

“Longing for human acceptance, play as a low-ranked skeleton and protect the village from previously allied monsters with your axe, bombs and bonerang”

About the project

This was the last project we used TGAs 2D engine. Our adventure game is story based, you play as a normal skeleton and your goal is to prepare and help the humans against the evil forces of undead that want to kill all of them.


Production time:

  • 8 weeks 50%


  • TGA2D Engine

My Contribution

- A scripted event system that we used to tell our story with "In-Game Cutscenes". The player  received quests and interacts with all the NPCs in the village using this system. (Excluding the dialogue system which Sabina Gustavsson did)

- Main menu and pause menu.

- Expanding our gameobject system and window renderering size.

- Player Hud (pickups/progress/Health/bombs etc)

Scripted Event

Entering the village for the first time trying to warn the human of the undeads evil plan.

Meeting the some skeletons after taking the humans side.

Returning from a quest to receive bombs from the village chemist.

Confronting the final boss.

Menu & Hud

Our main menu.

Our pause menu.


Hud with scalable health bar and progress.


Tombstone Interactive



  • Lina Warntoft

  • Sabina Gustavsson

  • Jesper Jöneros

  • Alexander Gustafsson

  • Julio Daher

Level Design

  • Alexander Sjöberg

  • Axel Ahlkvist

Graphical Artists

  • Alfons Nordblad

  • Adam Dencker

  • Ditte Frederiksen

  • Viktor Blomgren

Sound & Music

  • Jacky Coh


  • Alma Gren

  • Jacky Coh

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