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Egars Rage

"Use the power of the sun to blaze your way through the frozen minions of the moon"

About the project

This was our sixth project and first time using our own engine called Dog Engine. Our reference game was Diablo, we chose to have a Nordic theme. The whole world has frozen and your task is to take you through enemy territory to finally meet the moon god in an epic battle.


Production time:

  • 14 weeks 50%


  • Group Engine "Dog Engine"

My Contribution


We wanted it to feel powerful to play a Viking in the north. Therefore we chose to have a battleaxe as weapon and fire magic from the sun god to fight against the moon god and his subjects. 

Attack and Abilities

To damage enemies with normal attacks, fire explosion and fire wave, I use lambda that I call on specific animation frames to make the attacks seem more realistic, same goes for the VFXs.

Normal Attacks

The basic attack is a 3 combo attack. Were the last over head attack deals more damage than the others. All attacks generate rage on enemy hit.

Fire Wave

This is our only range ability that deals medium damage to all enemies it hits. Spending rage and generating rage stacks on hit.

Fire Explosion

Strong ability that deals a lot damage to surrounding enemies. Spending rage and generating rage stacks on hit.


Low damaging dealing mobility ability that makes you travel fast forward to help you out of bad situations. Spending rage and generating rage stacks on hit.


Passive: Rage Stacks

The player have stacks that can be gained when hitting enemies with abilities. Each stack gives the player increased movement and attack speed. The more stacks he has the more on fire he is.

Main Menu

I also worked with the main menu, it has functionality like level select, music and SFX volume, v-sync, resolution and borderless.


Normal Bakery



  • Filip Tynell

  • Jesper Jöneros

  • Jonathan Salling

  • Markus Nilsson Robert

  • Simon Broqvist

  • Viktor Back

Level Design

  • David Haddad

  • Marcus Svensson

  • Svante Liven


  • Jacky Coh

  • Rebecka Karlsson

Voice over

  • Alfred Carlsson

  • Ellen Jacobson


  • Oskar Back

Graphical Artists

  • Alexander Molested

  • Alfons Nordblad

  • Teddi Andersson

  • Ditte Frederiksen

Sound Design

  • Alfred Carlsson

  • Andre Johansson

  • Leonard Cronholm

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